Ocean Signal Rescue Me PLB1

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RescueMe PLB1 - a PLB that is truly personal

Having just spent the week at the Sanctuary Cove Boat show demonstrating this PLB to the crowds, I remain astounded at how well designed this PLB is.   For a PLB to be useful, you've go to be able to have it with you - secured to your lifejacket, thrown in your back pack, or even in your pocket.   Until now, none of these options were truly possible - the RescueMe is so small and robust (no dangly antenna bits), that you can be sure to have it with you if you ever need it (fingers crossed you don't) :)

...oh and I nearly forgot, the rescueME transmits a position update to AMSA every 25 mins ... almost twice as often as its competitors ... really important if you are in trouble and moving (drifting in a storm, tumbling down a river ... )

We have mounted our RescueMe inside our inflatable PFD - so its there if we need it and is sure to float as well as you do.   Its so small, you can pack and be sure you have it when you need it!

The RescueMe is approximately 30% smaller than the current range of PLBs, and with a 7 year battery life, the rescueME sets the new standard for marine and outdoor PLBs. 

The rescueMe PLB1 can be operated with a single hand in even the most challenging situations. A simple spring loaded flap covers the activation button preventing inadvertent use.

RescueME PLB1 works with the only officially recognised worldwide dedicated search and rescue satellite network (operated by Cospas Sarsat). As this is funded by governments there are NO CHARGES to use this service.

When activated the rescueME PLB1 transmits your position and your ID to a Rescue Coordination Center via satellite link. Rescue services are promptly notified of your emergency and regularly advised of your current location.

Personal Locator Beacons are global devices, and regardless of where yours is 'coded and registered', works the same way.   In some countries and territories, the RescueMe retails at higher prices than we have here in Australia.   If you purchase one from us, then it will be coded for registration with AMSA (register here).   If your primary residential address is not in Australia, then AMSA will contact you and suggest that you have the PLB recoded for your country of residence.   This is not required, just preferred by the Australian authorities. 


  • World's smallest PLB
  • 30% smaller by volume
  • Easily fits in lifejacket
  • Retractable Antenna
  • 7 Year Battery Life
  • 7 year warranty
  • High brightness strobe light >1 candela
  • 66 channel GPS receiver - meets or exceeds the standards of its competitors
  • Includes unique mounting clip, set of straps for fitting to various locations and flotation pouch.