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O'pen Bic Complete Boat

A wind of change is what the O'pen BIC has brought to the world of dinghy sailing for kids. Young sailors now have a true glide machine for real excitement on the water. The O'pen Bic, with its modern and powerful rig, is a fast boat, quick to respond, self-bailing, and is fitted by the best marine hardware manufacturers (North, Ronstan, Robline). The O'pen BIC is THE link between the Optimist generation and the new generation of sailing dinghies.

Launched in 2006, the O'pen BIC has already convinced more than 5000 young sailors. Not only is it a fun boat, for pure enjoyment on the water, but it's also a clever and quick racing boat. The O'pen Bic is now an International ISAF class, and a complete race program has been established world-wide. Recognising the dynamic and modern nature of the O'pen Bic, many sailing federations have chosen it to be their officially-recognised boat for their young sailors.

On the hull, the shaped daggerboard and rudderblade, and all deck equipment and fittings are worthy of the most modern dinghies: Ronstan Cunningham pulleys and Ronstan mainsheet ratchet block, Robline ropes.... The rig includes a fully-battened North 4,5m2 mono-film sail with mast pocket, similar to that of a windsurf board. Rigged on an epoxy mast, the sail has been designed with an open leech to give sailors maximum control and performance in windy conditions


Complete boat & Price includes Dolly

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