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Merino Thermal Top

Superfine Merino top base layer takes advantage of the incredible
properties of nature’s finest technical fabric and combines them
with the quick-drying, hardwearing performance of polyester to
create the ultimate “best-of-both-worlds” base-layer.
Merino wool has an uncanny ability to regulate your temperature
in a wide range of conditions. It’s nice and cosy in the cold but never
too hot when the temperature or your activity levels start to rise.
It ‘wicks’ moisture extremely efficiently and, because wool is the
only fibre in the world which can absorb vapour, it delays the onset
of sweating – keeping you far more comfortable and eliminating that
unpleasant chilling feeling you sometimes get when you take a break
or slow down.


Composition - 80% Merino, 20% Polyester
Naturally antibacterial - Natural Merino wool helps keep your
garment stay fresh and odour free.
Wicking - Actively wicks moisture away from the skin, keeping you
dry and comfortable.
Breathable - Highly breathable fabric lets moisture out, making
sure you stay dry on the inside.
Lightweight - Great for travelling, walking and more, with no
added bulk.
Easy care - This garment is machine washable