F-One Monobloc 190DW Tail & Stabilizer HM

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The monobloc construction improves stiffness and reduces turbulence by eliminating connections and providing a more streamlined design. This premium connection will make any foil more playful, more stable, and faster. The monobloc also removes two screws: you’ll be on the water faster!

In the same vein as the DW210 stab, the 190 is suitable for more solid conditions or more experienced riders. Thanks to its smaller surface area, the 190 offers more speed and better maneuverability.

The High Modulus Carbon fiber layup used for this Monobloc Tail leads to even more rigidity and dependability that will propel you to incredible performances in each session.

  • Aspect ratio: 8.8
  • Made for high speeds, long downwinds and strong conditions
  • Monobloc construction for better stiffness and reduced turbulences