2024 F-One Strike V4 Wing

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NEW STRIKE V4   Pre Order Now, stock due early July

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With new interchangable Handles

The STRIKE V4 is a masterpiece of
aerodynamism. This fourth version of our iconic wing has been refined to guarantee new
sensations  and hence unforgettable high performance sessions.
• Optimized design for unprecedented performance
• HITEX and TECHNOFORCE materials for increased durability
• Perfect control of the profile and deformations to guarantee comfort throughout the entire wind range
• Unmatched speed and power delivery
• “Going Forward” feeling
• Impressive pop, hangtime, and upwind performances
• Intuitive pumping for easy planing starts
Equipped with our new interchangeable handle system

All Wings come standard with normal F-One soft Handles

Our new STRIKE
features once more a super intuitive pumping with a certain flexibility that
makes it easy to start planing without having to expend a lot of energy or learn a special
technique. Th is STRIKE responds to pumping with immediate power.
We've worked on the wing's balance and aerodynamics to ensure exceptional
and superior performance, while maintaining control and precision . This new STRIKE offers an unrivalled smoothness of traction that makes it possible to ride effortlessly , as if using a smaller, very light wing.
The STRIKE's control throughout the wind range is impressive, allowing you to easily handle gusts . For those who love speed, the wing provides a new " Going Forward” feeling that unlocks thanks to an impressive forward traction delivering fantastic horizontal acceleration.

The new STRIKE is fitted with  our new interchangeable handle system.

Soft, hybrid or rigid handles and also a Boom, so you now get to customize handles at your preference.

Hybrid handles: A F-ONE innovation, these are soft
handles that are connected to the wing’s webbing by a
hard base. It will lead to a more direct feel in your hands for
more performance and control, while still fully benefiting
from the comfort and grip of the soft handles.
Hard handles: Offering more efficient pumping and a
more direct feedback, these hard handles are ideal for
riders seeking control and precision.
Boom: For those who need maximal freedom, the boom
lets you position your hands completely freely. It’s the
perfect option for freestyle.