2024 F-One Origin Wing

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New ORIGIN Wing  Pre Order Now,  Due August 2024

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Equipped with our new interchangeable handle system

The original feeling returns with the ORIGIN, F-ONE’s new wing. As its name indicates, the ORIGIN is a wing that recalls the easy, comfortable feel of our original wings, with which many discovered and first tasted the thrill of wing foiling.

•Legendary pumping and easy take-offs

•Optimized design for extra lightness and comfort

•Impressive freefly abilities in light wind

Wings are sold  with soft handles pre-installed

An absolute dream in the low end, the ORIGIN is a super comfortable, light, forgiving and accessible all-round wing that feels effortless to ride. It allows the easiest take-offs with minimal pumping and with just enough speed to get going. Beginners and experts alike will appreciate its very efficient and intuitive pumping thanks to its flexibility, as well as its super smooth take-offs. This wing is the softest and most comfortable one of our range.

The ORIGIN is fitted with our new interchangeable handle system:
Soft, hybrid or fully rigid and also a Boom, the choice is yours.
Wings come with soft handles pre-installed, but it is now possible for riders to customize handles at their preference.