F-One Hard Wing Handles

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Hard handles  Coming early July

Offering power, efficient pumping and more direct feedback, these handles are connected to the wing’s webbing by a hard base. Designed with ergonomy in mind, these handles are ideal for riders seeking control and precision. The front handle is built to always keep your wrist at a natural angle, and is slightly raised on one side to facilitate all maneuvers. The back handle is closer to the strut for precision and control. Both handles feature rounded angles, allowing you to grab any part of them comfortably and easily. These hard handles are built in a light glass fiber oval tube and EVA grip, and also feature EVA bumpers on all angles to protect both rider and gear from shocks.


28cm Front Handle for wings 2.0m - 3.0m

30cm Front Handle for wings 3.5m- 9.0m

37cm Rear Handle for all wings