Duotone Unit 2022 Wing

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For the 2002 Duotone brings some nice updates to the new foil wing Unit. More than an update looks like a total revolution to us ! The Unit was born as a wave oriented wing offering easy handling and power on demand.

Video Review:  https://youtu.be/-HGmGaQiclw


The traditional textile handles for the 2022 edition are replaced by 2 rigid long grab handles that resemble a boom split in two sections. These 2 grab handles are screwed in in to a support installed on the middle strut (they are removable) and offer the same benefits of a boom in terms of performance, power generation and handling at a lower weight.


The canopy has also changed for 2022: The panels on the 2022 Duotone are oriented in a new direction, lengthwise instead than front to back, this allows to create more tension in the front part of the wing where all the power and draft  is. The power, being more concentrated in the front part, makes the wing generate an upward lift and this will help riders during technical tacks or jibes, you will be constantly lifted up !!! The extra tension reduces all turbulences while surfing a wave or the ocean swell.



  • New grab handles
  • New canopy profile
  • Unmatched lift & handling

Does not include pump or wing leash