Forward WIP Long John wetsuit

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Developed specifically for the Dinghy and Catamaran market, this 3mm Long John meets the specific needs of each boat.
The upper part is made with a perforated neoprene ensuring a good flexibility and breath ability.
The shins are provided with protective panels and the knees are protected by more than 10mm of neoprene foam with an abrasion-resistant rubber coating.

Neoprene airprene 3/2mm - neoprene perforated for maximum flexibility and breath ability
> Wip protection integrated at key locations - various panels with thermoplastic plates and high density foams
> Pads knees with rubber coating - for an excellent grip
> Anti-abrasion fabric - panels in the rear and knees provide super durability in high wear areas
> Ankle closure - with velcro system guarantee complete sealing
> Opening fly - discrete, functional, easy to access and water protected

> Neoprene airprene 3/2mm
> Protection : thermo plastic plates and high density foams
> 90% neoprene / 10% nylon