F-One Eagle X UHM Carbon Foil

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Eagle X Foil UHM Carbon Pre Order Now Due May 2024

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Front Foil Only

Speed across the bumps with the new EAGLE X!
Thanks to its high speed potential and impressive glide, this foil will delight the best downwinders, whether SUP foiling or wing foiling.
• Made for advanced riders
• High aspect ratio of 12
• Extreme speed and glide

The EAGLE X is optimized to reach the highest possible speeds while maintaining a very high average speed. Its low end has been specially designed for easy take-offs and comfort in the air. Its glide allows you to fly without stalling, even if you make a small mistake.

Instead of focusing on the low or high end, we’ve worked on increasing the overall speed range of this foil. As a result, the EAGLE X can go very fast as well as very slow, enabling comfortable and easy downwinders with a high average speed.

Built using the Monobloc structure with pre-preg carbon, the foil is both very light and strong. This setup brings improved load transmission and better stiffness throughout the different parts for maximum control. The Ultra High Modulus (UHM) carbon provides maximum stiffness for greater performance and incredible control thanks to instant feedback. The TITAN connection allows to plug in either an aluminum or carbon mast.

Front Foil only

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