F-One C200 Carving Stabiliser

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The C200 CARVING stabilizer is designed for high speed carving on any waves, and increases the maneuverability of the entire plane. Its aspect ratio of 6.8 and thin profile bring a significant speed and glide potential to each of your wing foil and surf foil sessions.

  • Smooth carving and impressive glide
  • Anhedral wing shape
  • Fences for more control and maneuverability
  • Great for surf foil and wing foil

Its anhedral wing shape helps the entire plane stay underwater and delays breaching to not miss any waves. Coupled with the fences on the wingtips, it brings the rider outstanding control and maneuverability.

The High Modulus Carbon fiber layup used for this stab leads to even more rigidity and dependability that allows you to navigate in full control at every session.

This stab is ideal for riding any waves and for anyone looking for speed while wing foiling. It fits well with our PHANTOM CARBON or SEVEN SEAS foils.