F-One C195 Surf Stabiliser

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Our C195 SURF stab has an aspect ratio of 5.8 and a thicker profile, providing the perfect amount of speed control and allowing tight turns in the pocket with a snappy feeling.

  • Snappy turns and reactive surf
  • Anhedral wing shape
  • Fences for more control and maneuverability
  • Great for surf foil and wing foil

Its anhedral wing shape helps the entire plane stay underwater and delays breaching to not miss any waves. Coupled with the fences on the wingtips, it brings the rider outstanding control and maneuverability in the waves.

Its thicker profile leads to improved pumping efficiency, and its high lift helps the entire plane perform well also in the low end. It is a great stab for small or short-period waves, and goes well with our PHANTOM and PHANTOM-S foils.