F-One Wing Foil Complete Package 6'2"

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Perfect Wingfoil package for Beginner or heavier rider.

1 x Rocket Wing ASC 6'2"" Board (130Lt)  with Waist Leash

1 x Strike V2 Wing 5m2 (any colour) & Wrist leash

1 x Phantom FCT 1680 Complete Foil with 74cm Alloy fuze, R275 stab & 75cm Alloy mast.

1 x Big Air Pump

RRP $6565   Now $3595, which is a massive  $3000 saving!!!!

The ROCKET WING ASC is ideal for all stages of wing foil progression and will provide stability from side to side, impressive responsiveness, and an easy and smooth transition into flight.

This board features a straight, optimized rocker line for an easy take-off and an intuitive ride. The sharp beveled rail profile and double concave hull shape will help you be up and flying in no time, and you won’t be unsettled when occasionally hitting the water or during touchdowns.

Using state-of-the-art ASC technology, the boards benefit from one of the most advanced molding processes in the world, which also reduces waste and increases shape accuracy. The ROCKET WING ASC are strong and durable. No matter how many dings, bumps or falls you suffer on the board, it will handle it.

  • The PHANTOM FCT 1680 Foil combines efficiency and accessibility. Its lift allows you to glide endlessly while having fun thanks to its incredible maneuverability and stability. It is an ultra-versatile foil that will allow you to surf in waves < 1m50, venture downwind, wing foil, or even try dockstarts or wakefoil… It does everything well, even in weak conditions.
  • STRIKE V2 – Much more than a wing ! Wing foil sensations are beyond compare. The feeling of freedom you get from being the only connection between the wing and the foil is unique. It is thus essential to make the correct wing choice to enjoy the full experience. 

    • Adaptive Wing Design: Controlled power, Performance and Comfort
    • Pre Loaded Canopy: Our unique canopy tension allows the wing to keep its shape at all times
    • Perfectly balanced center of traction between your two arms
    • Legendary lightness, essential for freefly
    • Dynamic stability for a fully controlled ride